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Stacy Thomas for Oakland School Board Director District 1Stacy Thomas for Oakland School Board Director District 1

I am Stacy Thomas and I'm running for Oakland School Board Director in District 1. My motivation for running is that I strongly support public schools as a product of one. I am plain tired of wealthy people who have no connection to Oakland thinking they have the right or the power to interfere with and privatize our schools just because they have the money. Which in no way equates with a passion to make our schools better. I believe I am the only candidate running for District 1 school board that will consistently vote no for the closure of schools and will also work to overturn the current blueprint for Quality Schools.

Stacy Thomas

I have been a resident of North Oakland for almost 20 years and very much love Oakland for its spirit and diversity. I have been working with Action2020 for the past year to get to know OUSD parents, teachers and local activists interested in the betterment of our public schools, stopping public school closures, and a moratorium on the charter school proliferation in our city.

I have participated in a restorative justice program called The McCullum Youth Court. Their mission was to replace the juvenile hall alternative with a youth court at the first offense. The youth court was comprised of students who played the role of judge, jury and offender advocate with oversight from Oakland Court employees. The students determined the outcome which included things like letters of apology, anger management classes and the option to join their mentorship program. I was fortunate enough to mentor a young man from the age of 14. He is now 30 and still an important part of my life. He went on to graduate from Oberlin college with a full scholarship. That is the route we should be taking with kids having difficulty in our schools. And those are the kinds of differences I'd like to be a part of.

I am the beneficiary of 12 years of public education and a 4 year state college. It is crystal clear to me how fortunate I was and we are as a society to have access for all to a public education system. The schools were well staffed, class options included art, music, and the trades, and they had adequate resources. There was never any question about whether or not our public schools would close.

My career spans 30 years of accounting and owning my own bookkeeping business for the last 12 of those. I can use that experience to help build budgets by objective and really understand the financial position of the OUSD.  I have employed young people to help them learn skills that can be used in any profession which includes basic accounting, how to use spreadsheets, budgeting, attention to detail, and showing up on time consistently.